The Story of A Restaurant

Nearly two centuries ago, John Flowerlee was the proprietor of a restaurant that sits at 8369 W. Main Street in the town that is now known as Marshall, VA.  He served the local community and passersby a bill of local fare.   Much of the town as it was back then has changed with the times.  In some respects, it would seem that time seems to have passed by the quiet village.  Yet, this building still stands, beckoning a revival.  So it was toward the end of 2014, when Star and Neal Wavra began searching for a place to launch a restaurant of their own.  Upon touring the house at 8369 W. Main Street, they knew this was their new professional home. Thus Field & Main Restaurant was born.

Our mission at Field & Main is to provide a relaxed gathering place for our community and to serve each of them with grace and compassion while honoring the unique bounty of our region.