If you would like to be a HESTIAN, please call 540.364.8166 or email info@fieldandmainrestaurant.com to inquire about membership.

The Hestia Guild is a three-tiered membership club for patrons of Field & Main Restaurant who appreciate its mission and its offerings.  Developing community is at the core of Field & Main’s purpose and there is a distinct group of guests who derive pleasure from great food and beverages.  The Hestia Guild aims to bring these people together, believing that those that enjoy Field & Main will also enjoy each other.  The goals of the Guild are as follows:

Ø  Foster a community of people that enjoy dining well

Ø  Enrich its members through educational experiences that increase appreciation for great food and beverages

Ø  Support those within our region that are in need

Hestia is the Greek goddess of the Hearth.  She represents the importance of the place where the home fire is kept burning, where sustenance is derived and where loved ones gather.  If you wish to be a part of the Guild, to become a Hestian, select the membership that suits you.

MEMBERSHIP                                MASTER                      ARTISAN                    APPRENTICE

Cost per year                                 $2400 per year         $1400 per year          $1000 per year

Monthly Dining Credit                    $100 per month         $50 per month           $25 per month

Wine Discount                                15 percent off             15 percent off             15 percent off

Winter & Summer Guild Parties     Admission for 2           Admission for 1          Admission for 1

Educational Seminars                    Admission for 2           Admission for 1          Admission for 1

Private Wine Buying Event            Admission for 2           Admission for 1           Admission for 1 

Referral Bonus $50 Credit             Included                      Included                      Included

Hestia Guild Swag Bag                  Two Bags                     One Bag                     One Bag

Donation to Fauquier Food Bank  $5 per meal                  $5 per meal               $5 per meal

In addition to the above benefits, all Hestians will be afforded advanced booking potential for holidays and special events.  They will also have the exclusive right to book lunches on Thursdays and Fridays for parties of ten or more based on availability.  If you are interested in becoming a member, please call 540.364.8166 or email info@fieldandmainrestaurant.com.