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From the Beam to the Bar, A Balancing Act

a person jumping up in the air

I was watching my daughter and her cohort at gymnastics practice recently. They were teetering on the balance beam. My wife was taking pictures (no surprise to anyone who knows Star). To look at the shots, one sees a girl in form, balanced on the beam.

This is how most of us think about balance…as though we are supposed to be at balance in life all the time but the reality is that watching the girls work to achieve balance for even a moment takes small and big adjustments, command of their physical, mental and emotional faculties and the will to persist.

Balance is elusive and momentary, the pursuit of it is the constant. In watching the young gymnasts, I was struck at the pressure I was exerting on myself to be like that picture of balance. I and the team at F&M have made what feels like an unending series of small and large adjustments over the past few years and at many points balance has seemed elusive. This has been taxing physically, mentally and emotionally but our will to persist is bolstered by our mission and our community.

I write today to share with you an adjustment we are making in pursuit of balance and to broaden our capacity to stay connected with our community.

First, we will be taking a week-long summer break from June 27th through July 6th. When we re-open in July, we will no longer serve lunch on Saturday or Sunday. By closing these two services, we will alleviate the need for the team to work the very long days required to execute four back-to-back services. Without lunch, we will now be able to finally re-open the bar!

In addition, this shift will also allow us to reallocate labor to more consistently open the patio so that patrons will be able to walk-in without a reservation for a meal outdoors and enjoy the glory that is a Virginia Summer evening. Consider too, that F&M is happy to entertain private events on Wednesdays in addition to the other days we are open for regular service. We will also re-launch a F&M at Home Heat ‘n Eat program that will afford you the option to pick up a different meal each week that can be re-heated in the comfort of your home on your schedule.

These adjustments feel right, they feel like a moment of balance. I thank you for your understanding and continued support and eagerly look forward to seeing you in the bar and on the patio!