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Riding The Wave

a man riding a wave on a surfboard in the water

Dear Friends,
Don’t try to get ahead of the wave, ride it.  
This was the advice of David, one of our team members to Julie as she was bartending one evening. She was in the weeds, which is how the restaurant world describes being overwhelmed. She said to him, “I just can't seem to get ahead!” His response above was as pertinent then as it is now.
As a high school student ambassador I had the fortune to visit Australia and swim in the biggest waves I had ever seen. On my first go, I positioned myself facing the shore, looking over my back, anticipating the oncoming wave, I began to swim. Arm over arm, furiously stroking as I attempted to stay ahead of the wave. It enveloped me in a moment and I found myself spinning helplessly underwater, wave after wave crashing and keeping me down.

I was not in control and no amount of effort could defeat the power of the water. The waves finally washed me to the shore. I was beleaguered and bewildered, gasping for air. After a moment, I returned to the water and attempted to let the waves carry me. With each subsequent attempt, I traveled further and further, riding the waves. What was overwhelming at first became a joy ride. The first step was recognizing the power of the wave over me and then attempting to work with it, to harness its power for my benefit.
Last week, the waves pummeled me. I lost sleep and struggled to find my way amidst the overwhelming onslaught of changes that we are all facing right now because of the coronavirus. I had to say goodbye to half of our team for the foreseeable future and I hit the proverbial shore.

And yet, looking around, there are so many examples of people already riding the wave! My wife, Star, loves her dance class at our gym. It is her wellspring. Because the gym is closed for the time being, her instructor has been posting videos of routines to a different song each night. Tonight, she will live stream a whole class! Talk about riding the the wave.

This weekend I headed out into the water to try my hand at riding this new wave as we open Field & Main To Go. F&M may not be what it was last week but we will make the best of this situation, celebrating one another and the life we share.

How are you surfing right now? Share with us how you are riding the wave.