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The Present is a Gift

a close up of a street

The Field & Main Family has undergone much change from the loss of our colleague Korey to the departure of Chef Anthony. 

While the core of who we are remains, what has changed most specifically for me is my own perspective. 

I have realized the gift that is the present. I have lived for a long time in my head, in the future. Concerned with things outside of my control. I have found in the present that I am lacking nothing.

At points these past few months, I have been able to relinquish the desire to control the future. Only the present moment is a given, and looking at it like that—as though this moment is a gift has shifted everything for me. 

It is as if the lens through which I was perceiving life has shifted back into focus. I am reoriented toward the family, colleagues and community that surround me.

I used to talk about building a restaurant that was community focused. I talked about it in a way that denoted a point in the future when that would happen. Now, I know it is here. You have provided us with the opportunity for genuine connection and real relationships that bring joy and nourish spirit. 

In the moments of our grief and sorrow, you supported us. You lifted us up. You were present and I am filled with gratitude for this. In these moments I gained an even deeper understanding of the power of serving one another. 

I am bolstered by the understanding that a restaurant in a small town on main street can be a place to gather, a place to commune, a place to be with one another and that this is imperative for all of us.