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We're Here

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Dear Friends,

No one can be perfectly prepared for a pandemic but restaurants like the ones you find in Marshall are well positioned to handle the situation.

Owner-operated small eateries like ours already have protocols in place to ensure the health and safety of our families, patrons and teams. We employ the use of safe and effective cleaning solutions and disinfectants. While we typically try to keep these practices away from view of our guests, for the time being, we will be overt about cleaning and disinfecting and you will see us washing hands, disinfecting door handles and washing surfaces. Our kitchen and bar have always been open so your trust in us may be visually verified.

F&M is also particularly well suited to avoid potential disruptions in our supply chain. We source from many local farms and artisans. This allows us to provide meals that do not rely on importation or multiple layers of distribution. We know and trust the farmers that supply our ingredients and this produce will continue to grow!

Because of this, Field & Main has every intention to remain open to the community until we are mandated to close. Health officials have explained that small scale gatherings in places like restaurants remain safe for healthy individuals. Recognizing that some members of our community may need or want to stay home, we are presently working on providing a meal that will be offered for pick-up. Stay tuned for updates.

Lastly, I am heartened by the caring and compassion that this community displays on a regular basis and this situation is no different. For just one example: a couple volunteered to grocery shop for an elderly neighbor who was concerned about going out. If you are not at risk, consider how you might assist those in need. Kids in Virginia will not be going to school for the next few weeks. Consider donating to a program like the Fauquier Food Bank or the Fauquier “FISH” program that provides meals for children that typically rely on school food programs.

Situations like this may mandate separation, but even apart our collective community endures. If you find yourself isolated and in need, please contact us. We are here to serve you.