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Wrapped For the Season

Field & Main

Funny story.

I worked for a Chicago restaurant once that initially opened in the summer. As such, the owners did not think about putting in a coat closet. Summer can be sweltering in Chicago and a coat is the last thing on anyone’s mind. The winter though can be just as harsh in the opposite direction. So when the seasons changed, their oversight became abundantly clear.

Coats were tossed downstairs in a heap for that first winter before a new coat closet could be erected. Picture the family gathering at Grandma's house with the guest bed covered by a mountain of coats and you have the right image.

Field & Main opened in the summer but having learned the lesson from my prior employer, I thought about coats when we were designing F&M.

Ben Bjorklund forged some iron hooks and my brother, Jeff constructed a board for them to hang on. The problem was that there were not enough hooks to accommodate everyone’s coats when the whole restaurant was seated. If you visit us this holiday season, you will immediately notice a change as you enter.

Jeff was once again tapped to build us a hanging rack, which he did with his beautiful, custom craftsmanship. We also took the opportunity to add a shelf that made use of the tables that were initially made for the bar and then put in the parlor.

These shelves will now hold a series of items for retail sale, which will include F&M wine-to-go, F&M logo t-shirts and products from local artisans upon whom we rely. This is all just in time for the the chilly season of giving. As you take off or put on your coat, peruse the selection and you might just find an ideal stocking stuffer, a gift for co-workers or just a treat for yourself.